This section will attempt to display the chronological evolution of Chikanobu's signature:
date, series name, translation.

1879-81 azuma sugata shiki no uta - Compositions in the Eastern Style for the Four Seasons
1881 imayo bijin kagami - A Reflection of the Modern Woman
1882 to kyogen homare no wazogi - Hit Plays with Famous Actors
1883-4 meiyo iro no sakiwake - Honorable Blooms in Different Colors
1884-6 setsu gekka - Snow, Moon, Flower 1st Series
1885 gempei seisuiki - A Chronicle of the Rise and Fall of the Minamoto and the Taira
1886 azuma nishiki chūya kurabe - Comparing Night and Day - A Brocade of Edo
1886-7 tokugawa kakei ryakki - A Brief Account of the Tokugawa Lineage
1888 imayo tokyo hakkei - Eight Views of Tokyo Today
1889-90 azuma fuzoku fuku tsukushi - Customs of the Capital: parody on the word fuku
1890 azuma fuzoku nenju gyoji - Annual Events and Customs in the Capital
1890-1 Bakin chojutsu - Stories by Bakin
1890-1 nijushi ko mitate e awase - A Parody of the Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Devotion
1890-2 gento shashin kurabe - Contrasting Life with a Photograph shown through a Magic Lantern
1892 azuma kagami - Mirror of the East
1893 nihon meijo to - Very Tall Stories about Famous Women of Japan
1893-4 mitate junishi - A Contrasting Parody of the Zodiac
1895 shiki no hana kyogen mitate -
1896 azuma - The East
1896-8 jidai kagami - A Mirror of the Ages
1897 heike monogotari - Tales of the Heike
1897-8 shin bijin - Truly Beautiful Women
1899 setsu gekka - Snow, Moon, Flower 2nd Series
1902 tokyo meisho - Famous Places of Tokyo

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