The sole purpose of this site is to display and discuss the woodblock prints that comprise the œvre of the Meiji artist, Toyohara Chikanobu.
These will be mostly the single- and two-panel prints, but as time goes on, I will add more of the three-panel series, and the three-panel kabuki prints as well.

On this site in each series I will try to provide a reasonable facsimile of each print (as well as showing major variations in color or form). In addition there may be some explanatory material, including references, about the figure(s) being viewed.

Those single, individual prints, which are not associated with a series, nor are but one page of a multi-page document, will be displayed under the category: "Miscellaneous".

A lot of material that is "missing" will be available in a series of volumes entitled: "The Eye of Chikanobu", which will be published shortly.

All of the images found on this site are in the public domain:
the copyright never having been taken out in the first instance, nor renewed, or well beyond renewal.

In Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp., 36 F.Supp.2d 191 (S.D.N.Y. 1999), Justice Lewis A. Kaplan held that exact photographic copies of images in the public domain could not be protected by copyright because the copies lack originality. Even if accurate reproductions require a great deal of skill, experience and effort, the key element for copyrightability under U.S. law is that copyrighted material must show sufficient originality.

There is no creativity involved in photographing or scanning (digitizing) a work of art previously produced by someone else;
enhancing or (minimally) modifying a photographic or electronic reproduction still does not make that image one's own creation any more than stamping a collector's chop on a print or scribbling notes in a book's margin.
Placing that image on a printed page or website still does not imply that one has created that image and is, therefore, the copyright holder.

This site is for educational purposes only and is constantly updated to add new material and to correct any inaccuracies that are present.

To use any written material (translations or explanatory notes) that are explicitly marked as the intellectual property of Kyoko Seldin (at Cornell University), please contact her directly. You may also notify me and I will happy to pass along your request.

The digital images by Chikanobu (most of which I have enhanced to compensate for age, mishandling, and fading) are available at no cost; please email me to request any that you desire.
The only admonition: these digitized images are solely for personal use and are not to be disseminated for profit.

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